Since July 2019

I came to you with the same old hopes I’ve always had. Rescue me. Give me what I want. Know what I want before I do, then hand it over. Instead you gave me pain, tears, suffering. Like I’ve always had. I’m that splat on your windshield. I learned that "going to the hardware store … Continue reading Since July 2019

The effect of Covid-19 on my relationship with HP

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities) Isn’t that one of the best lines to ever start a book?! It sums up how I feel about the effects Covid-19 has had in my personal life and in my relationship with my Higher Power. … Continue reading The effect of Covid-19 on my relationship with HP

Something is being born…during Corona virus

Thank You, Lord God. I sit here in new canvas sneakers. I sit here wearing a Forget-Me-Not necklace on the VERY DAY that You brought another miracle into my life. Today I learned about a part of myself that has been hidden for years. Her name is W___. She is a warrior. Warrior W___. She … Continue reading Something is being born…during Corona virus


STEP SEVEN: HUMBLY ASKED HIM TO REMOVE OUR SHORTCOMINGS When I first came into the rooms in 2012, I had misunderstood. Because I had connected the word ‘humility’ with ‘humiliated.’ I was angry back then and defiant. I was no longer willing to live in ways where I felt ‘less than’ or ‘weak.’ My role … Continue reading STEP SEVEN

“What is it like to work two 12 step programs?”

I have been a member of  Al-Anon since 10/2012. And in 2017 I became a member of Overeaters Anonymous I was a casual attender of meetings in O.A. since 2014. I used to think of O.A. as a sort of "diet club" where I could talk about my food issues with others. That was my … Continue reading “What is it like to work two 12 step programs?”


STEP FIVE:  ADMITTED TO GOD, TO OURSELVES AND TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING THE EXACT NATURE OF OUR WRONGS. One might spend their whole lives running from the truth. That impious ego, edging God out, one day at a time, until the unfortunate person is in pitch darkness. There is the Solution/recovery OR there is the … Continue reading STEP FIVE


STEP FOUR: MADE A SEARCHING AND FEARLESS MORAL INVENTORY OF OURSELVES. How I worked Step Four in Al-Anon: I worked the Step Four questions from "Reaching for Personal Freedom." When I was done with that, I went on to work the questions in “Blueprints for Progress.” I worked about a third of that book and then … Continue reading STEP FOUR